Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I remembered during my time in ‘maktab’ where I learned about teaching songs and poetry to elementary school children. Honestly, I love that subject. Everything involves songs and audio things are in my ‘soul’ as I love music. I didn’t expect that I will be learning the same thing, here in MU. But this time, it is not about learning how to teach, but more on how to choose appropriate songs to be used in classroom especially for children. During Pn Foziah’s class, I have been exposed to this skill, which is audio editing. Of course it involves technology as the objective of this subject is to enable future teachers like me to use technology in classroom teaching.

Generally, things that I have learned during her lecture were how to transform and improve audio files. I didn’t really get what purpose we did all of that but I believe, it must have anything related to our profession. So, I don’t have complaints regarding that. As usual, she gave the lecture and let us explore by ourselves. No specific software was emphasized but I decided to use Sony SoundForge Audio Sotfware as my engine to start the work. Even though it is difficult for me to use that software in the beginning, but later I found that it is really capturing and interesting tool to use. It took me 3 days to know some of the features. But after that, I managed to complete the task set for us. Thank God my brain is still functioning to learn the new stuff. Hehe..