Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Newbie... Huhu...

Talking about ICT skills is like swimming in an ocean. Yes. That’s how I describe ICT skills. For me, ICT skills consist of a very wide aspects related to the use of technology. Even though it is not into my field, but a teacher (future) like me must have this knowledge and skills. It will be a ‘weapon’ for me to be used in my classroom later.
What I know about ICT skills is the use of electronic devices such as computer and internet. But I just knew that sounds, videos and so many other things related to this ‘fake human’ creation are also into ICT skills. Hmm… sounds interesting to me. Maybe with this new input, I would explore it deeply to practice what I have learned.
During the second lecture, my lecturer talked about these skills starting from the beginning of the lesson. At first, I didn’t expect that my coming assignment will be using all of these skills. I thought that it was just for extra knowledge for me. Later when she gave out samples of assignments done by my seniors, my heart said, “Oh My God… So many things to do.” The task requires me to apply ALL of the skills from the simplest thing to complicated one. Huhu…
PHOTOSHOPS, WINDOW MOVIE MAKER, ULEAD… I never heard about this softwarebefore. What I know is… watching videos, not making videos. Hehe. But now I have to do all these things. I hope with the guidance from Pn Foziah and my colleagues, I will be able to produce at least an appropriate product. I still have lots work to do and to study if I want to succeed this time. May God helps me…(^.^)