Saturday, July 25, 2009

Step 1...Step 2....Step 3....

For me, to learn something is difficult. But to express something is more difficult. Huhu… That is what I learned during the previous class. Tutorial. What is tutorial? Formerly I don’t really know what tutorial is really about (I thought it’s like a class. Hehe…). Other than that, tutorial is like a ‘lesson plan’. If it is like a ‘lesson plan’ that I usually do, it would be easier to create one. But this time, it is regarding technology (again and again). Everything has to be done electronically.
During the class, Pn Foziah asked me to search for Michael Jackson’s last song and download it. At first, I didn’t really get what for she asked me to search for the song. So I ‘Google’ and found it on the net. It took me some time before I get found it. Moreover, I didn’t know which song she meant. Hurm… To find it is easier but I didn’t know how to download it. Luckily I have many ‘techno’ friends. They introduced me with ‘’ which is a link to download mp3 files (I didn’t know there is such thing). I thought, to download songs or videos, one needs to use specific software but this one easier. Before this, I only use ‘YouTube Downloader’ if I want to download something. It is a new knowledge for me (I’m still newbie…Hehe….).
1. Go to google.
2. Print screens every step.
3. Paste it on power point slides.
“Oh my God. Am I going to do all these things?” So, this is what she meant by tutorial. At first, I’m a bit lousy because I didn’t really remember all the steps that I have gone through in downloading the song. Then I had to start it over again. Huhu. I got so many things to do in a short time. Not only print screens it, I also had to describe each step to make it comprehensible. Even though I’m not good is describing things, I took it as a practice for me to develop this skill. Thanks to the course which allows me to do that. Hehe..
Apart from that, there were also presentations before the class ended. As usual, this can’t be avoided. Fortunately, all of my group members are very cooperative. Imagination and fantasy. That was the topic given to us. Even though we were not really discussing about it, but we managed to present well enough (I think, hehe…). But never mind. There are still a lot of presentations after this. And I hope we could cooperate to do it…again…