Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cant Hold it but Can see it..

Reading a book is something enjoying for me. But reading a book online is far most interesting. Just imagine, we read a book abstractly without holding it, and it could be anywhere and anytime. Lives are getting easier and easier as time goes by. Even for developing ourselves, it does not take much of our time. This is what we call ‘e-book’ or electronic book. But what actually e-book is? And how does it look alike?

Well, for me, e-book is no different with a book except its form. A normal book is a book that we have to bring with us to read but using e-book, one doesn’t have to do like that. Just click your fingers on the net and it ‘pops’ out on the screen. Such easy to use. Hm… There are lots of types of e-book that we can find nowadays. One of it is made from power point presentation. It is so ‘visual’ whereby readers are enjoying it through interesting pictures alongside with texts. This makes people not to get bored easily. But one thing for sure which is, to produce a e-book is NOT as easy as we read it.

Previously, during the ‘Resources’ hour, most of my time was to produce a storyline for the e-book. At first, I think that the story could be anything simple but it was not as ‘simple’ as that. Pn Foziah emphasized that a good story has to have a good, motivating storyline. So I planned a story to teach about healthy life. It was ‘head-aching time’ where she had rejected my ideas for two times before got it corrected. Pheww… luckily he last one was approved. Now I just have to focus on making it. So, just wait for my e-book guys….